Men at arms

IR 4

The 4th Infantry Regiment was one of the most prestigious Austrian regiments. The respect is already evident in the fact that the regiment’s owner was Grand Master of the German Knights, Archduke Eugen. The insignia of the regiment also shows the traditional insignia of the knighthood with the year of the foundation of the regiment. The regiment was one of the regiments of the capital Vienna. As part of the 25th Division, they were assigned to the 1st and then the 2nd Army and fought first on the Eastern Front until July 1918, later commanded as gendarmerie to the Czechia. They came to the Italian front after the Piave offensive.

The wearing photo is interesting because the badge is not pinned on the cap, but on the chest pocket of the winter lined jacket. This is understandable because the badge is large and quite heavy. In terms of its physical parameters, it is more similar to skill badges. But you can also find pictures that show the badge between the buttons on the front of the cap.

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