Men at arms

Frontline fashion

Perhaps I am not saying anything new to anyone by stating that men can be very vain. They like to dress nicely and fashionably, take photos and pose with a serious, self-important image. However, anyone who steps in a military parade in front of a salutation company in a peasant manner will be the object of ridicule. But those who puff themselves up in front of nothing deserve the same. At least for the observers of later times.

This wearing photo reminds me a bit of the latter. Before the name of the young lieutenant, the proud dr. abbreviation (obviously a doctor of law), the heroic but at the same time very intellectual pose, the irregularly but fashionably curved turtleneck on the collar of the tunic, all remind me of this. At the bottom of the picture, he holds his left arm on a bayonet decorated with an officer’s sword tassel pushed forward conspicuously like war heroes, commanders are expected to pose. He is holding the cap as a decoration, adjusted so that the badge is clearly visible (fortunately!).

Photographers say that at this time, but especially before the Great War, taking pictures was a rare and festive occasion. Therefore, the photo subjects usually stood or sat in the pictures with a proper, serious face, in front of a decorative background, in adjusted poses. This picture is like that. It seems that taking pictures also caused some stress for the doctor. By the way, the picture was shot in Marburg, in the area behind the Isonzo army. The cap badge is also the well-known army badge.

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