Men at arms

Assault troop badge

One of the common insignia of stormtroopers is the subject of this post. The military leaders of the Monarchy wanted to distinguish and honor the storm troopers as well. For this reason, they developed a performance qualification system, after successful completion of which, like with other activities, soldiers could earn a “specialist” badge. The development of the badge took place only at the end of the war, it was no longer introduced. Of course, the stormtroopers wore the unofficial storm badges, which also served to distinguish them. Since these were not officially accepted badges, many different versions were created by manufacturers.

Now here is a wearing photo of the most common version. The Sturmtrupp insignia of the Gurschner company uses the skull and hand grenades from the standard insignia of storm troopers. Usually, the war metal version comes up, but you can sometimes find colored anodized versions as well. These can also be original. There are also yellow copper alloys, in my experience these are aftermarket, not original pieces.

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