Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 68 (2)

I have already presented the beautiful Kappenabzeichen of the 68th infantry regiment, decorated with the county coat of arms, here. The regiment’s wartime history was also discussed. This post features the letter seals issued by the aid fund. I mentioned several times that various souvenirs, badges, stationery used for correspondence were issued to help the disabled and war orphans. Currently we do not use much stationary let alone letter seals, but once upon a time it was fashionable to decorate cards and letters with them. These were often produced in series with various designs. In my collection, I keep five types of letter seals of the 68th regiment. It is worth mentioning the brown color of the small stamps: it is the same as the lapel color of the regiment. The number 2 on the letterheads marked the price, they were all worth 2 filllér.

The attached cap badge 68 is similar to the one presented in the previous post. There is a small difference. The upper row of pearls in this specimen does not consist of pearls, but of small stars. According to some, this calls into question the authenticity of the badge. I think not, it’s a rarer version of the badge.

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