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IR 10

The 10th Infantry Regiment was the house regiment of the city of Przemysl. Przemysl is known for its fortress, which was surrounded by the Russians in the fall of 1914 and practically starved. In mid-March 1915, the defenders had to give up the fortress. Although the cadre of the 10th Infantry Regiment was in the fort, the regiment itself fought in the frontlines. The city was liberated not long after by the Monarchy’s offensive in May, so the administration and recruitment of the regiment could later continue as usual. The mixed Polish and Ruthenian population of the area was also visible in the composition of the regiment’s staff: a slight preponderance of Polish soldiers was typical.

The nice insignia of the regiment also shows the name of the regiment owner. According to the customs of the time, the ruling dynasties awarded each other the titles of regiment owners. This regiment was owned by the King of Sweden before the war. The identity of the regimental owners changed from time to time. Thus, the 10th infantry regiment also had different owners before the Swedish king. Count Mazuchelli held this office until 1869. Letter seal stamps of both regimental owners were printed.

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