Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 93

The 93rd Infantry Regiment was from Moravia. The cadre was stationed in Märisch Schönberg (now Sumperk) near Olmütz, but the regiment’s command was in Kraków. The detached battalion was based in Bihac, Bosnia. A third of the crew was Czech, the majority of them German. Until June 1918, they fought on the Eastern Front usually in the 5th Division in the border region of Bukovina. After that, they moved to the Italian front, but one battalion remained in the east as part of the Ukrainian occupation forces.

The insignia of the 93rd Infantry Regiment depicts the oak leaf pinned to a cap during the parade. The regiment number and the year were engraved on the letters. In the series of letter seals that have been seen many times, which show the scenes of the battles that marked the day of the regiments, the seal of the 93rd regiment is also included here. This shows a scene from the Battle of Aspern on May 22, 1809. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to learn much more about the regiment. I couldn’t find any written or electronic sources. The Facebook group of traditionalists did not publish details of the regiment’s history either.

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