Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 66

This regiment recruited mainly Slovaks and Ruthens from the north-eastern part of Hungary, and a smaller number of Hungarian soldiers. The headquarters and cadre was located in Ungvár. The regiment was assigned to the 15th Infantry Division.

The badge of the regiment is not a flashy one, it is a relatively simple badge. It depicts quieter everyday life spent in trenches. The attached photo shows a similar scene. Weapons set in the direction of enemy positions at the top of the ditch. Usually behind a shooting shield. These iron plate shields, about 80 cm wide and with a closing viewing aperture, were used in large numbers on all fronts. Protection was provided against enemy rifle fire when the observer looked out of the ditch or used his weapon.

The motifs of the badge and the letter-closing are similar, if not exactly identical. I would like to draw your attention to the Art Nouveau frame of the badge. It wears style notes appropriate to the fashion of the age.

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