Kappenabzeichen on postcards

HIR 11

The 11th honvéd infantry regiment received its crew from the territory of north-eastern Hungary, mainly Zemplén and Bereg County. The command was in Munkács. I presented a beautiful badge of the regiment with the millennium monument at Munkács Castle here. Unfortunately, under the pressure of nationalism heightened by the current war, the Millennium monument’s Turul bird was once again removed from the obelisk. In its place, the sich harpoon now adorns the bastion of Ilona Zrínyi’s castle.

But this post focuses on another nice badge. Another insignia of the regiment, decorated with national colors, shows the number of the regiment in the middle of the laurel wreath. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of it being worn or any other image material related to the badge, so we have to make do with a field postcard showing the stamp of one of the regiment’s replacement battalions.

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