Kappenabzeichen on postcards

42nd Infantry Division 2

The 42nd Croatian Honvéd (Domobran) division and its cap badge were discussed in connection with a wearing photo. The opening image shows the badge on a post card with a badge. But the main content of the post is a different badge and another card. The second badge is very similar to the first one, since it also has the Croatian coat of arms in the middle, although the year is different. The coat of arms, on the other hand, is not protected by the bird above it, but it is rising. It is not uncommon for badges to be made in new editions each year. In this case, however, usually only the year changed, the composition less so.

The beautiful graphic of the postcard of the card depicts the soldiers of the four Croatian Honvéd regiments of the division. This is shown by the regiment numbers on their caps. It is worth noting that from the Croatian Honvéd regiments only the 25th and 26th had an own design Kappenabzeichen, the other two, the 27th and 28th had none. Every other Honvéd regiment had his own badge. Another interesting fact is that the series of badges manufactured by Arkanzas, such as the flag badges of the Honvéd regiments, were mostly made for all the units concerned. Not so for Croatian dombrans. Only the 28th of the four units received a flag badge, and the other three did not. After all, the 27th Honvéd (Domobran) regiment did not have a Kappenabzeichen at all.

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