Kappenabzeichen on postcards


Located in the supplementary area of Northern Bohemia, this battalion had mostly Czech-speaking crew. The cadre was placed in Königrätz, the battalion was stationed in Lienz. They were assigned to the 8th Division in peacetime. After the mobilization, however, they were first transferred to the 10th Division, then from the middle of 1916 to the 5th Mountain Brigade and the 58th Division. Accordingly, they fought on the Russian front in 1914-15, when in the IX. Czech corps. In 1916, they came to the Italian front, to the XVI. corps.

Only the numbered trumpet insignia is known for the battalion. The letter sealer mark attached to the post also shows this.

A document of an event in Vienna is interesting. This calls on the people of the city of Vienna to donate Christmas gifts for the battalion. Since the battalion is mentioned still as part of the 1st Army, the date could have been Christmas 1914 or 1915.

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