Kappenabzeichen on postcards

3rd Schützen Regiment

Regiments’ Invalid Funds raised money for charity in a variety of ways. One such opportunity was the production and sale of postcards for sale to the crew. In many cases, some notable events of the regiment’s previous campaigns were depicted on the post cards. These were often sold as series, 10-12 different postcards in one trench. The 3rd Landwehr (later Schützen) regiment also issued such series. One of these pieces is very interesting because it apparently provided a motive for the design of a cap badge.

The 3rd Landwehr was one of the elite units of the Austrian provinces, the home regiment of the city of Graz and Styria. As part of the 22nd division, they fought as part of the III. corps. The only exception to this was the fall of 1915. At that time, as reinforcement, the division was sent to the VII corps defending the Karst Plateau. This postcard depicts a detail of the Tyrolean offensive that took place in the spring of 1915. The high mountains of Tyrol can be seen in the background (although the center of gravity of the offensive was not in the high mountains, but on the Siebengemeinden plateau at an altitude of around 1,000 meters).

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