Men at arms

79th Infantry Brigade

The post is about the Kappenabzeichen of the 79th Honvéd Infantry Brigade. This name is not seen on the badge. Years ago, I managed to decipher the badge’s affiliation with the help of the city coats of arms depicted on the body of the badge. These are all settlements in the former Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun county. If you look at them on the map, you can see that they are in the central and southern part of the county. The upper left coat of arms is the coat of arms of Pest county.

The recruiting areas of the honvéd must be taken as a basis, since the Hungarian inscription on the insignia refers to this branch of troops. The cities on the badge show the reinforcement areas of two Honvéd infantry regiments, the 29th and 30th regiments. These together formed the 79th Infantry Brigade, which was part of the 40th “Fokos” Division. Based on the inscription “For our heroes”, it could even be a post-war comradeship issue, but the wearing photo shows beyond any doubt that the badge was made during the Great War.

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