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HIR 6 and the “fokos” battle axe

The 6th “Szabadka” honvéd regiment was one of the regiments of the 40th “Fokos” (Battle Axe) Infantry Division. The reader could get a taste of the division’s struggles here and here. The fokos was systematized and applied in melee in all regiments of the division. His depiction also appears on many postcards and cap badges.

A contemporary photo depicts a workshop producing degrees in Czernowitz.

One of the main motifs on the badge of the 6th Honvéd Infantry Regiment attached here is this weapon. The symbolism of the battle axe is also shown by the monument of the 6th Regiment in the valley of the Krlibaba stream in Bukovina. The monument was recently restored.

I am grateful for his photo of the monument to my friend Gábor Vásárhelyi, who is a regular visitor and researcher of the Bukovina battlefield.

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