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Kremsier – Kromeriz and the Landsturm IR No 25

Kremsier (Kromeriz) was the seat of the Olmütz archbishop in central Moravia, in the Hana region. It is located on the banks of the Morava River. Today the town has a population of about 30,000. The city was founded by the Bishop of Olmütz in 1260, where he built his summer residence. He also gradually transferred control of the diocese to this city. As a regional center, the struggles of the 30-year war were not spared. Swedish troops ravaged it in 1643 and 1645 as well. Subsequently, a severe plague epidemic decimated the residents. In 1848, during the short lived revolution, a constitutional parliament was held in the city.

One of the most beautiful medieval cities in the Czech Republic, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most notable is the Flower Garden, the garden of the Archbishop’s Palace. The Main Square with the Archbishop’s Palace and the three Gothic churches of the city center also belong to it. In the middle of the main square stands the Mary’s Column. This plague column was raised in gratitude by the inhabitants at the end of the plague in 1680, as at that time all over Europe. The column, its pedestal with four statues of patron saints, and the gilded statue on it have changed several times, for example, as early as 1716.

Perhaps this is why today’s image of the statue of Mary does not exactly match the depiction on the badge of the 25th Landsturm Regiment. On the other hand, since both undoubtedly depict Mary with the newborn Jesus, it is likely that the shape of the statue of the Column of Mary at the time could have been patterned by the badge designer and is also seen on the post card. The 25th Landsturm Regiment was a regiment of the city of Kremsier.

The badge gives the statue and especially the little Jesus a special role. He scatters lightning at the bottom of the badge on top of Bersaglieri hats adorned with huge feathers. A composition reminiscent of folk tales.

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