Kappenabzeichen on postcards

FJB 16

Among the badges of the rifle battalions, the numbered horn symbols played a prominent role. The brim of the feathered hat belonging to the decorative uniform was adorned with a larger numbered horn insignia. Jägers also wore a smaller horn badge version on their field cap. This was presumably not mandatory, but all battalions had badges of a similar shape and size, which differed only in the numbering. The importance of the badge is also underlined by the fact that it also appears as decoration on field postcards, as in the case of the 16th hunters.

The 16th rifle battalion received its staff from North Moravia. The headquarters of the cadre was Troppau (now Opava). Half of the crew were German native speakers, a third were Czech. The battalion belonged to the 16th Brigade at the outbreak of war. This brigade was organized from several rifle battalions. It mostly belonged to the 30th Division, through it to the 7th Army. Basically, they fought on the Russian front.

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