Kappenabzeichen on postcards

3rd Army in Belgrade

The main motif of the badge is the fortress built at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. This strategic point was already fortified in the Middle Ages. It was in this place where János Hunyadi beat back a significant Turkish attack in the summer of 1456.The Turks had just conquered Constantinopole three years earlier. During the Great War, it served to protect Belgrade, the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia

The Kalemegdan fortress was built during the Turkish wars in its current visible form. Since the mid-1700s, it has dwindled and its parts have been gradually demolished. At the time of the 1914 siege its military significance was minimal. Austro-Hungarian monitors caused serious damage to it by firing from the Sava river. One of the gunboats floating on the river is also seen on the badge. The date on the badge is October 9, 1915, the second time the city was occupied. In 1914, the city was evacuated by troops from the Monarchy. In the campaign, which lasted until December, Serbian troops finally steamed. But this attack had exhausted their reserves, so the new 1915 attack led to success. Not only Belgrade, but Serbia as a whole have been captured by armies of central powers German and Bulgarian troops also participated in the 1915 invasion.

The first of the names on the badge is Vracar. This is the name of one of Belgrade’s central districts. It is the center of city administration, with elegant restaurants and shops. I believe that these qualities were already in place before the Great War. This is why the badge mentions this part of town. The other name, Avala, is the name of the smaller mountain rising above the city. The badge bears the name of the 3rd Army. The city’s capture was the responsibility of this army. The slogan Viribus Unitis was the personal slogan of Emperor Franz Joseph. Yet with regard to the badge, I think most of all about the cooperation and joint effort of the central powers is expressed by the words.

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