Kappenabzeichen on postcards

LIR 23

It was a Dalmatian regiment, its supplementary area was around Sebenico (now Sibenik), and its command was in Zadar. Contrary to custom, the entire regiment, not just one battalion, was assigned to the 5th Mountain Brigade as part of the 58th Division. After the opening of the Italian front, they fought in positions along the Isonzo.

The lower part of the badge shows the coat of arms of Dalmatia, above it the inscription Görz, the city where they fought for a long time in 1915-16. The inscription “zajcica”, which in Slovenian (and in other Slavic languages ​​as well) means rabbit, bunny, is a little puzzling to me. There is a mountain with this name in southwestern Slovenia, but there is also one in Serbia. In short, I have not seen any report referring to a significant settlement or landscape unit with this name. I don’t think that the sarcastic nickname used for infantry in the late Hungarian army “bush jumping bunny” is behind the name, the Great War is too gloomy a background for such jokes

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