Kappenabzeichen on postcards

3rd Army assault group

There’s absolutely no need to write a lengthy review here. The badge of the 3rd Army Assault Unit is one of the most beautiful assault badges. Very plastic, detailed. It’s not very common. What is even rarer, however, is the hand-drawn field post card, which is a drawing copy of the badge. The drawing was signed by the badge designer. Here we can see and enjoy it as courtesy of Gábor Csiszér!

To make sure there’s a small summary. It’s worth noting that in the earliest stages of organizing assault teams, the units were placed at army level. So the badge is very early, presumably 1916. Later, as the number of troops increased, the assault battalions were assigned first to the corps and finally to the division level. The divisions usually had four infantry regiments. Each sent a company of selected soldiers to the assault battalion. I’ve been talking about the construction and deployment of assault battalions here and here.

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