Kappenabzeichen on postcards

32nd heavy artillery regiment

In the artillery of the Monarchy, the heavy artillery units were initially organized by artillery batteries or divisions ordered to the infantry divisions. Later, these divisions were developed into full regiments. The heavy artillery regiments were formed in 1916 and then adopted the numbering of their infantry division. Thus, the 32nd regiment was the heavy artillery unit of the 32nd Division.

The postcard shows the Kappenabzeichen of this regiment. The badge has the inscription “Worobijówka 6 Juni 1916” in addition to the numbering of the unit. As usual, such dates and battle sites commemorate a notable event. In June 1916, the 32nd Division defended itself in Eastern Galicia against Russian troops advancing towards Lemberg in the Brusilov Offensive. I have already written here about the heroic struggle raging around Cebrów and Worobijówka. The artillery supporting the infantry also played a major role in the successful defense.

The badge depicts St. Barbara, the patron saint of gunners.

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