Kappenabzeichen on postcards

25th 30,5 cm mortar battery

Relatively little can be known about the units of the terrifying and mysterious giant 30,5 cm Skoda mortar. These cannons were operated mostly by the fortress artillery regiments. During the war, they were transferred from their stations to the fronts. They were subordinated to heavy artillery regiments. Since only about 100 guns were produced during the war, not all such regiments had 30 and a half batteries.

Mortar battery number 25 was a sub-unit of the heavy artillery regiment belonging to the 25th division. The robustly large insignia matches the enormous barrel size and imposing mass of the gun. The embossed badge image on the letterhead differs slightly from the badge, mainly in the ribbon holding the leaf together. The crown is missing from the presented insignia because at the end of the war, after the collapse of the Monarchy, there was a change in the form of government. Republics were created. Therefore, the crown was often cut from the badges.

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