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IR 44

The 44th Infantry Regiment was a regiment of Somogy County, its replacement battalion was stationed in Kaposvár. The regiment was located at the beginning of the Great War in Vienna. The bucks of Somogy mainly fought on the Russian front. Their famous slogan “Keep on ahead, damned!” also became the namesake of the regiment. The 44th was the “Rosseb” (Damned!) regiment.

One of their most common insignia is the bayonet surrounded by laurel. It also bears the inscription “Rosseb ezred” (Damned Regiment). The wreath bayonet also appears on a larger plate badge. The same motif is echoed on the letter seal issued by the regiment’s fund for invalides.

The regiment is also known in Hungary as the regiment where Imre Nagy was serving as machine gunner, a later communist party member and 1956 martyred prime minister. The beginning of the biographical film about him also touched briefly his experiences of the war. The main event of this was his capture in 1916.

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2 years ago

[…] The motif of this is the bayonet surrounded by a laurel wreath, as of the other badges of the regiment. Here, the central motif is complemented by the coats of arms of the Central Powers and their allies. A post about another badge of the regiment can be read here. […]

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