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1st Honvéd Hussar Regiment

In this post, my friend Gábor Széplaki’s beautiful photo and the associated cap badge make us think and investigate.

Following the great reorganization in 1913, the Royal Hungarian 1st Honvéd Hussar Regiment (I. division + headquarters) settled in Budapest and Vác (Division II). The personnel was made up by more than 90% of Hungarian crews and officers. In the capital city, the  regiment settled in the Franz Joseph I cavalry barracks. After the First World War, the regiment’s successor was the Royal Hungarian 1st Hussar Regiment “Franz Joseph I – Jászkun”. This regiment also stationed in the same barracks. This site hosts currently the headquarters of the Hungarian Standby Police. The post war story of the regiment is mentioned, because this nice Kappenabzeichen is worn by a lieutenant of the successor regiment on the photo. It is not very frequently seen that the Great War’s badges remained in use.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the full shape of the badge, only half of it. Though the numbering is not seen, wit is most likely that the lieutenant wears the badge of the 1st Honvéd Hussar Regiment. The picture may have been made after the Great War, although the initials of Emperor and King Charles IV (big K) can still be seen on the sword boom. Yet,  the insignia on the officer’s cap is already decorated by the national colors, not the aforementioned K letter. The rank sign of the jacket collar is also a new type. He is nicely decorated with honors (it has 6 stripes fixed).

The shield-shaped badge was manufactured by Arkanzas for all the 10 Honvéd Hussar Regiments. In the shields, the number HHE 1-10 was displayed. The coloring corresponded  the color of the regiment’s hat. Of the hussar regiments, only the 1st and 3rd had a light headgear color. In the former, the light grey and the latter had white. The image shows a light color. The photo was taken in the Ivoly Photographic Studio, according to the dry stamp and the back seal. At the given address Budapest, Nagymező u 6, Nándor Kiszer’s photographic studio was operating. Therefore, in the 3rd Honvéd Hussar regiment’s badge belonged most probably to the Budapest regiment, which was the 1st.

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2 years ago

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