Kappenabzeichen on postcards

13th Honvéd Infantry Regiment

The 13th Honvéd Infantry Regiment was the home regiment of the city of Pozsony. A war memorial was erected also in this city, which could be covered with nails purchased for donations collected for military aid. This is how the “Iron Honvéd” of Pozsony came into being.

The “Iron Honvéd” also became the central figure of the regiment’s badge. But he was also featured on a postcard made for the regiment. There is also a panorama of the city in the background of the card, which I have written about here before. The sculpture was created by local sculptor Alajos Rigele. It was inaugurated on May 23, 1915, and stood in front of the city theater. There was also a small cast table ornament version modeled on the sculpture.

During the Czechoslovak occupation of the city in 1919, the statue was removed and destroyed. The statue was re-erected in 1929 by the public of the village of Gutor in a stone-carved version.

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