Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Zugna Torta

Zugna Torta was an observation point in the Etsch valley above the town of Rovereto, south of it. During the Italian attack in 1915, Austro-Hungarian troops set up to defend the high-altitude positions around the city. An advanced position of these was the Zugna Torta mountain, which however was successfully attacked and occupied by the Italians. During the Tyrolean offensive of the Monarchy in May 1916, Mount Zugna Torta had to be recaptured by the 57th Division. This place was significant in the right wing of the attacking troops and the city of Rovereto could also be secured in this way. From the division stationed on the front line, the 6th Mountain Brigade led the attack on the Zugna Torta. For the successful attack, Captain Hermann Kirchner, commander of the IV Battalion of IR 42 fighting in the brigade, was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa.

The south-facing photo attached to the post clearly shows the town of Rovereto with its towering mountains, including the Zugna Torta. The Division 57 badge depicts the mountain from the same angle. In the later stages of the war, the trenches here were constantly attacked by the Italians, but the summit could not be recaptured. The mountain is 1258 meters high and today is a pleasant, easy hike around Lake Garda.

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