War propaganda

The two rulers

The alliance of the Central Powers could be considered an alliance of the two emperors at the beginning of the Great War. Later, with the joining of Turkey and then Bulgaria, the alliance became an alliance of the four emperors. But initially the rulers of Germany and the Monarchy appeared on the products of war propaganda.

They are also depicted on the postcard chosen for this post. The inscription “In Treue fest!” often appears on propaganda materials. It means approx. as much as “Strong loyalty!” The depiction of the rulers also appears on the badges. In many cases, the they are depicted together. Maybe this happens most of the time. I have chosen two separate badges here now because they are rarer. The connection between the two badges and the two rulers is provided by the same shape of the badge. And the year: 1914-1916. It is almost certain that the two appeared at the same time, presumably sold in pairs. The producer was Brüder Schneider company in Vienna. The script on the first badge is “Gott mit uns!” (God is with us!) and “Viribus unitis” (With joined force) on the second.

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