War propaganda

First birthday of the site!

I started the presentation of the Austro-Hungarian cap badges and the stories about them a year ago. According to the counter, this is the 440th post. Of course, most posts go parallel in Hungarian and English, so the number of topics is about half that.

The number of visitors to the site is significant, 15-20 readers open the site every day. The number of new readers is also remarkable. In total, more than a thousand have joined repeatedly and can therefore be considered a regular reader.

In the selection of topics, I tried to present a variety of interesting things. The page isn’t just about faleristics, though every post is related to some kind of cap badge. In general, the attached information, photos other memorabilia are just as important and interesting than Kappenabzeichen. Sometimes these are the focus, the badge is just an illustration.

The site is open, so anyone can submit material related to the topic that I publish. I also had several outside helpers this year, of whom I need to highlight Gábor Széplaki. He does a kind of columnist work on this site when he writes about the qualification badges of the Monarchy.

For the birthday celebration, I chose beautiful portraits of the two rulers of the Monarchy as illustrations, with a war propaganda fan showing additional portraits in the background.

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2 years ago

Happy birthday! I discovered this site in november 2020 and since that day I read every post. Thank you for your job and keep on this way.

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