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Morzsányi company

In the previous posts, I frequently mentioned the makers of the badges. The largest manufacturers in Vienna were Gurschner and Brüder Schneider, and Arkanzas in Budapest. There were also many smaller manufacturers. Some of these were businesses with high turnover, but badge making was not their main profile. Therefore, they produced relatively fewer badges than the big three. One of these was József Morzsányi’s “decorative album maker” company in Eskü Street in Budapest.

In addition to decorative albums, the Morzsányi company produced a variety of small objects made of metals. For example, cufflinks, tie pins and the like. A few dozen badges were produced during the Great War. These were made in the high quality typical of other products of the company. Simpler plate badges were produced, such as the 7th Honvéd infantry regiment. But they also produced items with fire enamel, like the Kappenabzeichen of the 11th fighter battalion shown in the opening picture, or of the 11th cavalry division.

The envelope shown in the opening image is a rarity. Relatively few documents, letters or notes have survived in the legacy of badge makers. This letter was sent by the Morzsányi company to Temesvár, to the address of the military court operating there. Temesvár was a corps headquarters, so the military court also operated there. I tried to find a badge related to Temesvár among the Morzsányi products. The closest one was the 7th honvéd infantry regiment badge. They also operated in the Banat region, in the area of the corps.

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