Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 96

It was a line regiment of Croatian nationality, which received its crew from the vicinity of Karlovac. The IV. battalion and staff operated in this city. Before the outbreak of the war, the command was in Pétervárad, then in 1914 it moved to Temesvár. They were assigned to the XIII. corps and the 7th division. The position changed already at the beginning of the war, the regiment was attached to the 28th division. From the end of 1916, they fought in the 5th mountain brigade.

The inscription on the badge heralds participation in the 1916 Tyrolean Offensive. At that time, the regiment took part in overcoming the Italian fortress system on the edge of the Settecomuni plateau. They occupied the Costesin fort on Mount Verena. After that, they served on the Italian front in the 5th Army, which was named the Isonzo Army from 1917.

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