Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Military hospital Belgrade-Vracar

This time a well-known badge of en interesting building of Belgrade is the topic of the post.

This hospital was founded in 1844 to provide health care to the Serbian army. The building, shown on both the badge and most recent photo, was built in 1909 in Vracar district of Belgrade. As a 400-bed hospital, the building was the largest and most modern military medical institution in the Balkans. At that time, a building complex with a pavilion system, which was customary at the time, was built in the Neo-Romanesque style based on the plans of Danilo Vladisavljević.

After the occupation of Belgrade, the forces of the Monarchy used it for the same purpose, setting up their own military hospital in the building. The military hospital had all the classes usual of the epoch. Of course, the needs of the officers serving here were met first and foremost.

The beautiful badge of the Gurschner company shows the main entrance of the hospital. This is exactly the same as the depiction of a contemporary postcard made during the Great War. This card could even serve as a template for the badge maker. As the attached photo shows, the main building of the hospital is still in a largely unchanged form in Belgrade. It was declared architectural monument by the Ministry of Culture. Unfortunately, it was not clear why it was called “Brcko” Hospital under Austrian control.

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2 years ago

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