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Major Gyula Hummel

Major Gyula Hummel is mentioned in the staff of the 2nd honvéd infantry regiment in the schematics of 1917 and 1918. Major from November 1, 1915. But how did he get into the 310th honvéd infantry regiment? The post is exciting precisely because of this question.

It is known that the 23rd Infantry Division was captured by the Russians after the siege of Przemysl in March 1915. The same fate awaited the 2nd Gyula honvéd infantry regiment. The division and its regiments were not re-established later either. New honvéd regiments and divisions were formed from their remaining staff (cadre) and from the march battalions set up later in their reinforcement area (typically, for example, the 51st army division).

Major Hummel, a member of the 2nd honvéd infantry regiment, was assigned to the 310th honvéd infantry regiment established in October 1915. As the correspondence card written by the major shows, in February 1916 he was with the 2nd battalion of the infantry regiment (presumably battalion commander). He addressed the card to his wife in Gyula, the headquarters of the 2nd honvéd infantry regiment.

Another interesting thing is that the cap badge of the 2nd honvéd infantry regiment mentions a battle site at the end of 1916 (Predeal). This becomes more understandable after Major Hummel’s story. Although the 310th did not take part in this operation, the 305th honvéd infantry regiment did. Some former 2nd honvéd staff joined also this regiment. In other words, the replacements of the regiments that were disbanded and not reorganized as combat units were mixed in the newly formed infantry regiments numbered 305-313. This is how the 2ers could join both the 305th and 310th honvéd infantry regiments. That’s how Major Hummel became an officer of the 310th regiment and that’s how other soldiers joined the 305th regiment that distinguished themselves at Predeal. What is really exciting about this is the administrative record: the 2nd honvéd infantry regiment was still listed in the schematics at the end of the war. Major Hummel belonged to this staff, he was only in command of the 310th regiment.

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