Kappenabzeichen on postcards

LIR 14

The 14th Landwehr was headquartered in Brünn. Brünn was and still is the capital of Moravia, home to many military units and headquarters. Two-thirds of the city’s population was German-speaking, while the surrounding area was inhabited by Czech villages. Thus, the German / Austrian element was strong in the regiments recruited from the area, but the Czech / Moravian population was also significant. Looking back, we tend to link the appearance of cap badges to the popularity or unpopularity of the war effort. Brno was not as dismissive as the majority Slavic-speaking areas because of the German element. Nevertheless, relatively few badges were issued here. In Brno, there is not a single one for the Landwehr regiment was prepared.

Or at least we don’t know about it. Because now a post card has popped up, again with just a cap badge suspicious depiction. I have reported on several of these before. Here is another such piece: a plaque depicted in a drawing or photo that could have been the design of a badge. Moreover, this particular piece is dedicated to the 14th Landwehr Regiment. The shield shows the coat of arms of the province of Moravia. There could have been such a badge, but none of it has come up yet. It could also be just a plan.

In the absence of the 14 Landwehr badge, I decorated the opening image with a generic Landwehr logo. It is worth noting that it was made with yellow and black ribbons as well.

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