Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Kassa, VI. Corps headquarters

Kassa was the most important city in the eastern half of Upper Hungary already in the 16th century. Its military importance was also outstanding, which it preserved until the late period of the Monarchy. Thus, the city became one of the centers of military administration. The command of the Austro-Hungarian VI. Corps was based here.

The Art Nouveau building of the corps headquarters was built in 1909 at the northern end of the main street. The huge, three-story building has a floor area of 8,800 m2 and contains 300 rooms. The building, together with the city of Kassa, came to the territory of the newly created Czechoslovakia after the collapse of the Monarchy. Today, it houses the board of the city museum and a government office.

The beautiful insignia of the Kassa corps was previously featured in one of the posts here. After its commander, it was also called the Arz Corps, as it appears on the insignia. The corps fought in the east throughout the existence of the Russian front. First in the 4th Army in Galicia, then in the 7th Army. During the breakthrough in Gorlice, it was assigned to the German 11th Army, the main force that carried out the breakthrough. In the summer of 1916, when the Austro-Hungarian 7th Army was shattered, it became part of the German Southern Army. After the stabilization of the front, they continued to fight in the 1st Army. In January 1918, they were sent to the Italian front, in Tyrol, to the 11th Army.

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