Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Kassa (Kosice)

The city of Kassa (today Kosice, Slovakia) was one of the most important administrative and military centers of the Kingdom of Hungary. It was the seat of the county of Abaúj-Torna. Division (ITD 27) and Corps Command (VI Korps) were also operating in the city. Accordingly, several infantry regiments, cavalry and artillery units were settled in the city’s surroundings. The 127th Artillery Regiment (FAR 127) was one of them. This regiment was formed during the great reorganization of the Artillery Corps of the Monarchy in 1917. The inscription on the badge also shows that it was formed from parts of the 6th Field Gun Regiment (FKR 6) and the 27th Field Howitzer Regiment (FHR 27). The numbers 27 and 127 correspond to the numbering of the 27th Division of Kassa. The artillery regiments were assigned to infantry divisions, and at this stage of the war their numbering was aligned with the numbering of their divisions.

The badge shows a picture of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, a cathedral in Kassa, well known sight for the Gunners. After many rebuilds, it was given its present form in 1896. In addition to its clerical importance, the most important sight of the church from a Hungarian point of view is the thumb of Ferenc Rákóczi II. The coffin of the „Great Prince” was brought back from his exile in Rodosto (Turkey) in1906. It was placed in the crypt of the church. Since then, the place has become a Hungarian pilgrimage site. The depiction of the postcard and badge shows the church from the less typical north side.

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