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Jerouschek company

For some of the badges on the website, I also referred to the name of the manufacturing company. Most often, the marks of Arkanzas from Budapest, Gurschner and Brüder Schneider from Vienna can be seen on the badges. But most badges don’t have a manufacturer’s mark. Of course, I don’t think that many other (unnamed) companies would have produced a selection as large as the three companies above.

Less common occurrences include the company Jerouschek. Since several badges have the company’s manufacturing mark, I believe that this company branded the badges with their name. Most of the signed Jerouschek badges are extremely demanding fire enamel work. Apparently, the company specialized in the more expensive and demanding segment of market demand. However, there was much less demand for badges in this category than for cheap disc badges. That’s why there are still fewer Jerouschek badges than, say, Arkanzas.

The company survived the Great War. It had a significant turnover between the two wars. They produced many kinds of party badges and association badges, in contrast to, for example, the Arkanzas company, whose items from the years between the two wars are only sporadically found. What’s more, the two most significant and representative badges of the time, the badge of the Vitéz Order and the Troop Officer badge, among others, were produced by this company.

I am attaching an advertising tag to the post. I can’t decide if it was prepared before or after the Great War. Among the badges, I chose the of the 51st honvéd infantry division.

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