Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 69 “Hindenburg”

It is now not the first time that the 69th Infantry Regiment of Székesfehérvár appears on this site. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, we know a lot about this regiment. A regimental history was published in the 30’s. On the other hand, the town that hosted the regiment remained Hungarian territory, so the traditions of this Hungarian regiment were not forgotten after the lost war. Thirdly, already during the war, a great variety of postcards, letter seals and, last but not least, Kappenabzeichen were prepared. Many of these have survived to this day, so collecting memorabilia from the 69-ers is not too difficult and many people do this.

The regiment’s owner, General Hindenburg, enjoyed great popularity in the Monarchy during the Great War. Accordingly, most of the memories of ’69 are linked to Hindenburg. Several types of badges were made with his portrait. In this post, I present the regimental insignia with Hindenburg portrait and the field post card decorated with the image of the insignia.

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