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IR 68

“Jász-Kuns Go ahead!” reads the motto of the insignia of the 68th Infantry Regiment. The extension area of ​​the 68th infantry regiment was the county of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, the cadre was based in Szolnok. The coat of arms of the county can be seen in the center of the badge.

The regiment belonged to the 7th Division (14th Infantry Brigade). This division formed the backbone of the Szurmay Corps and was used in the 2nd Austro-Hungarian Army from the beginning of the war until June 1916. They moved from Serbia to the Carpathians in the winter of 1914 and then fought in Galicia. In the defensive battles of the Brusilov offensive, the division was transferred to the German army group Linsingen. Then they moved from Galicia to Transylvania. They took part in the expulsion of the Romanian troops. After the Romanian capitulation in December 1916, the division, including the 68th regiment, went to the Italian front. They fought again in Galicia in June 1917 as reinforcements ordered to fend off the Kerensky offensive. In the first half of 1918, they were mainly assigned to policing tasks in the hinterland. In July, after the unsuccessful Piave offensive, the division was assigned to the XVI. corps.

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