Kappenabzeichen on postcards

Honvéd ITD 51

The 51st Honvéd Infantry Division was set up in 1915 to replace the former 23rd Division which served during the siege of Przemysl fortress and got prisoners of war in March 1915 after the siege ended. The badge illustrates the variety of modifications of the Kappenabzeichen. Many of these had several variations. In this case there were three different colors of the oak leaves. The scripts on the leaves recall three cities in the Southern Carpathian mountains. They were places of major victorious battles with the Romanian army that attacked Transylvania in 1916.

In this section I add matching post cards to the badges. Huge amounts of letters were written and sent back to the soldiers’ homes. Various units prepared special cards for their soldiers depicting cap badges that they wore that became in many cases generally applicable symbols of the units.


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2 years ago

[…] Another curiosity is the division badge on the side of the field cap. This extremely beautiful badge was made by the Jerouschek company in Budapest. Details can be found here. […]

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