Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 38

The cap badge of the Infantry Regiment No. 38 is one of the very much desired objects of Kappenabzeichen collectors. It is mainly due to the motives of the badge. Looks if it was the badge of an assault troop, the elite units of the infantry. The helmet-shape of the badge and the hand grenade crossing it are symbols of the assault troops. Yet, there is much evidence that the badge was used more generally among the soldiers of the regiment. The two post cards on this image also indicate that we deal here with a regiment badge. It is also interesting that the badge was produced in three qualities. The base plate was plain bronze with the black enameled regiment number, or silvered. But there were also badges made from silver metal. A smaller version of the badge was also produced, like on the second post card. IR 38 was a Hungarian Regiment from central Hungary quartered in Kecskemét.

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3 months ago

[…] 38th Kecskemét infantry regiment has been mentioned several times on this page (here and here). The posts were not only about the history of the squad, but also […]

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