Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 37

The 37th Infantry Regiment was the regiment of Bihar County and Nagyvárad. The crew was made up of a mixed Hungarian and Romanian population living on the eastern edge of the Great Plain and on the western side of the Transylvanian archipelago. At the time of mobilization, they were not sent to the peacetime original division, No. 7, but to the 36th Zagreb Division. The regiment remained in this position throughout the Great War.

The owner of the regiment was Archduke Joseph. This is where the regiment’s “nickname” came from: Jóska bakák (Joe’s bucks). This name can also be read on the regiment’s Kappenabzeichen and is also on the correspondence page of the regiment’s foundation for the disabled. The interesting thing about this post is that the motive on the postcard and the badge are not the same. It is a common badge, made by Fáklya Műipari Vállalat in 1918. The beautiful color print decorating the letterhead is also dated 1918. This drawing is also like a picture of a different badge. However, as far as I know, no such badge was made. It is possible that the regiment had several insignia designs made, and one of the unsuccessful designs was used to decorate the card. Very decorative anyway.

It is also worth noting about the insignia that a completely similar design was prepared for the 65th Infantry Regiment. Of course, the regimental number and inscription were different: “Ludwig-baka”.

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