Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 13

It was a Polish infantry regiment, the city of Kraków and its surroundings provided its crew. At the beginning of the Great War, his command was in nearby Troppau, but most of the battalions were stationed in Kraków, in the Rudolf barracks presented as a background image.

The main topic of this post is the extremely rare Kappenabzeichen of the regiment. In addition to the plate badge shown here, there was also an enameled version. The part behind the regimental number was colored pink, according to the lapel color of the regiment.

Another interesting feature is the regiment’s letter seal, which shows the portrait of the hereditary regimental owner, Count Starhemberg, based on a contemporary painting. He was the nephew of the general who defended the city of Vienna against the Turks in 1683. He himself took part in repelling the siege. After the Turkish wars, he led the Austrian troops in Italy in the War of the Spanish Succession. He later became Viceroy of Spain.

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