Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 12

It was a regiment with Hungarian crews from Komárom and Nyitra counties. One of the regiments of the 33rd Division (West Hungary). Between 1914 and 1917 they fought along the Russian front. They first took part in stopping the Russian steam roller with the 1st Army in West Galicia, near Krakow. In the winter of 1915, they fought in the Uzsok Pass, they were also there during the Russian attack in the spring, after the fall of Przemysl, in the Easter Battle with the Russians. After the breakthrough in Gorlice, they pushed towards Tarnopol on the northern edge of Bukovina, but the city could not be recaptured at that time. They also took part in the repulse of the Brusilov and Kerensky offenses at this location. In late 1917 they were commanded to the Italian front. In the Piave offensive of June 1918, they broke forward from the area of ​​the island of Papadopoli, but failed to form a bridgehead on the other side. They were struck by the collapse of the Monarchy in October 1918 on the Italian front.

The badge and the attached postcard are also decorated with the regiment’s silver horn. According to my friend Ferenc Bálint, the horn was donated to the regiment on August 18, 1916 by three former commanders of the unit: Major General Gregor Miščević, Lieutenant General Godwin von Lilienhoff und Adelstein and Major General Josef Leide. The handover took place in Nagybecskerek, at the replacement battalion. The cap badge also appeared on the regiment’s monument erected in 1941, which was demolished in 1945.

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