Men at arms

HIR 32

The photo on which the post is based has already been featured before, as we can discover several cap badges on the caps. On each of them we can see the beautiful enamel badge of the 1st Honvéd Infantry Regiment. However, there is also a cap where, in addition to this, the badge of the 32nd Honvéd Infantry Regiment is also visible.

The picture was probably taken in 1917, suggesting by the list of battlefields. The inscription “Kostanjevica” can also be read on this special badge for 32-ers. There was a murderous struggle for the settlement in the middle of Karst in the summer of 1917, in which the regiments of the 41st Army Division took part in them, including the 32nd.

The question arises, how did a 32-er officer get to the 1st Honvéd? It was not very common, but officers from the mother regiment were sometimes commanded elsewhere. Presumably, this is how the lieutenant of the 32nd regiment joined the 1st Honvéd Infantry Regiment. Here he pinned both cap badges to his cap.

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