Kappenabzeichen on postcards

HIR 17

After the 17th National Insurgents, a badge from the 17th honvéd IR is featured. The honvéd flag badges were exactly the same size, shape and color. Only the numbering was different. In the case of some numbers, during the production of successive series, the tool was changed and a number with a slightly different design was used. For example, in case of the 1st regiment badge, the number has a round end in one type of insignia, but “footed” in the other. I am not aware of such a difference in the case of flag 17.

The stamp on the correspondence card attached to the post is interesting. They usually indicated more precisely which sub-unit of the regiment the letter was sent from. Commands at different levels were also nominated. There is no such marking on this stamp, so it is special.

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