War propaganda


Among the honvéd infantry regiments, the 1st of Budapest received a lot of attention during the Great War. One manifestation of this was that the regiment took the name of the queen who died in 1898. She was very popular throughout the country and it was an honor for the regiment to be named after her.

Until now, I tried in vain to get a photo of the badge in use, neither could I find any postcard decorated with the badge. However, I definitely wanted to present the badge decorated with the queen’s portrait. So I chose a nice postcard with a regimental stamp to go with it. This version does not include the regimental number, so it can even be considered a kind of propaganda badge.

I also present the front page of an old issue of the “Interesting Newspaper”, which calls the badge the most beautiful Hungarian badge. This badge on the front page is the more common variant. Another beautiful enamel badge of the regiment can be seen in my previous post here.

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