War propaganda

42-er wax to the Italian boot!

It is not likely that the propaganda machine of the Monarchy was still roaring in the summer of 1918 as shown by the postcard and badge in the post. The 42 cm mortar, of which, in addition to Germany, the Monarchy also produced a few pieces, was of course a very impressive sight. The huge gun, the almost human-sized projectile, testified to enormous destructive power. According to eyewitness reports, the few shots that were fired on the various front sections had a demoralizing effect on the enemy. Of course, this is only an assumption, since the few large-caliber artillery devices obviously could not turn the tide of the war.

The inspiring effect of the 42 and 30 and a half guns may have been much more important in the hinterland, but even among those fighting on the fronts. It is no coincidence that they were depicted on so many badges: they were in high demand. I have already presented some 42 badges in a previous post (here). This simpler plate badge was not included then. There was also a great variety of anti-Italian propaganda postcards. Here, the message was combined with the 42 projectile. “The dirty Italian boot should be polished with the 42 paste!”

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