War propaganda

God punish the Italian!

In this section I will upload patriotic cap badges. They can not be regarded as true Kappenabzeichen since they are not linked directly to the troops or events happening to the troops. They are of political or charity importance, nevertheless they were also worn by the soldiers as it is evidenced by many photographs.

The first post of this kind shows a relatively simple anti-Italian war propaganda badge a fist to threaten the enemy with the script “God punish the Italian!”. Italian entry to the war was regarded as an especially ugly violation of previous commitment. It was therefore perfect to fuel emotional support of the war effort.

The script on the post card is identical. Nevertheless, the design of the card is much earlier. The same card was used with different titles. For example “Die letzte hundert!” meant, that in the peacetime compulsory military duty was expected to last only 100 more days.

I can remember counting the days of duty from my own service time: the habit remained in place until most recently, when the compulsory military duty was suspended in Hungary.

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