Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Cima di Cece

The Cece Summit lies in East Tirol, it is the highest peak of the Fleimstal Ridge, 2754 meters high. The Dolomites were the scene of fighting in the early days of the Italian war message of 1915, and until 1918 there was a constant fighting here. The high-altitude terrain was ill-suited to larger military operations, so attacks from both sides were more limited: possession of the mountain peaks was important because of the overview of the surrounding area, mainly the Fleims Valley. More serious battles took place around the summit until August 1916. On both sides, troops specializing in high-altitude warfare, the Tyrolean hunters and the Italian alpine fought here.

The summit of the mountain is a popular excursion destination today, not only because of the breathtaking panorama, but also because a significant part of the paths, shelters and shooting ranges designed for the fighting around the peak have remained in a recognizable condition. You can read more about the memories of the Great War here. The summit was fought also in World War II between British and German troops in October 1944.

The 5th Landwehr Infantry was basically protecting Pola. This can also be seen on the badge of the regiment presented earlier. The II. battalion operated separately on the Italian front from 1915 onwards. First in the 49th (Pussterthal) Division, then in the 90th as part of the 179th Brigade or the 13th Mountain Brigade. Mt Cece was around the middle of front section IV of the Tirolean home defense. The 90th Division was deployed in this area. According to the inscription on the badge, this battalion was stationed at the summit of Mt Cece. I can show a picture of the trench remains that can still be found there today.

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