Special units

Assault troops’ training

The training of the assault troops took place in several phases. The selection of people was already carried out according to such criteria that the soldiers were suitable for carrying out complex operations in difficult combat conditions. A variety of skills were practiced in the special assault training. Perhaps the most important of these were throwing hand grenades and practicing close combat. Knowledge of weapons was equally important, as the raiding party often used captured weapons during its deployment, especially when an occupied enemy trench had to be turned around to face the opposite direction.

But beyond the basic training, undertalings were always preceded by careful planning, and the details of the actions were worked out in advance. A rehearsal was also held for more significant operations. This is how it happened in the case of the occupation of the Magyaros roof. Far from the scene of the action, the raiders attacked the replica of the enemy lines using sharp ammunition.

The photographs of assault action were mostly taken in the practice, not in live situations. The picture posted here could also be like this. Here three swarms are just leaving their own trenches and advancing through the wire barriers towards the enemy lines.

The Kappenabzeichen attached to the post depicts the soldiers of the 10th Honvéd infantry regiment during the exercise before the attack on Magyaros, in Csíkzsögöd. The stony terrain of the photo suggests the picture was taken on the Karst plateau. Assault troops must have practiced here as well.

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