Special units


At the outbreak of the Great War, the already operational FLIK 9 squadron was stationed in Kraków. During the war, they were first transferred to the Serbian front, where they had their base in Kevevára, then Vinkovci. After the end of the Balkan operations, the unit was ordered to Galicia, Podhajce, and then again to Kraków.

During the reorganization of the air force in July 1917, the squadron, which until then had primarily been tasked with reconnaissance, was reorganized into a fighter squadron. After the peace treaty concluded with Russia in March 1918, the squadron moved to the still active Italian front, to Borgo. They took part in the June 1918 Piave Offensive. The unit was disbanded after the war ended. The first commander of the squadron was Adolf Heyrowski, who I wrote about here before. The later ace squadron commander achieved two aerial victories as part of this unit.

The beautiful cap badge of the squadron mentions their operation on the Serbian and Russian fronts on the inscriptions of the two shields placed on the laurel wreath.

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