War propaganda

Alliance of the Central Powers

The most common theme of war propaganda was the alliance of the Central Powers. Most often, the alliance of the Monarchy and the German Empire was depicted, but the alliances of three (Turkey) and four (with Bulgaria) were also common. Arms friendship with the Germans became an everyday practice, as Germany and the Monarchy had already closely coordinated their military operations on the Russian front as early as 1914. And the troops were mixed. This practice has not changed but intensified later on. The German 11th Army was continuously active among the Austro-Hungarian troops. Later, the Mackensen army did the same in the Balkans.

Among the badges depicting the alliance, enamel badges using the national colors of the warring parties were made in the widest variety. Relatively fewer badges were made on which the soldiers of the warring parties could be seen. I have already presented one of these here. The third type presented portraits of rulers. Such a badge was also included in one of the posts here. The badge now on display also features soldiers and rulers. The main motive, however, is the two armed soldiers. The attached postcard also shows offensive soldiers. The inscription on the badge reads, “Culture, truth, and progress must win! This is God’s order!” Unfortunately to the Monarchy, that didn’t happen.

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